Sliding Direction and Speed Presentation Combining High Frequency and Asymmetric Vibration

Sliding on the contact surface of the fingertip and the object sometimes becomes a periodic behavior called a Stick-Slip phenomenon that repeats Stick and Slip.
By generating Stick-Slip vibration based on this Stick-Slip phenomenon, the perception of slippage perception is realized.
However, the difference in sliding direction which exists in the actual slip phenomenon could not be reproduced by only Stick-Slip vibration.
In this study, we synthesized asymmetric vibration capable of presenting direction via pseudo force sense and Stick-Slip vibration capable of reflecting the difference of friction condition such as sliding speed.
Experimental results showed that it is possible to present both sliding direction and sliding speed by adding the asymmetric vibration to Stick-Slip vibration, and showed the effectiveness of the method.


第 22 回日本バーチャルリアリティ学会大会論文集,2D2-05, 28-Sep. 2017

高周波振動と非対称振動の複合出力による滑り方向・滑り速度の提示 第二報:非同期な振動の複合出力
第 18 回計測自動制御 学会システムインテグレーション部門講演会, 3A5-15, 22-Dec. 2017
優秀講演賞受賞: 23-Dec. 2017
計測自動制御学会学術奨励賞受賞: 19-Feb. 2019


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